Rye – day trip from Canterbury. bit down the coast from Dover. very scenic town just across the channel from France and near the scene of the crime – the Battle of Hastings.


Rye street scene


Charmaine, turns out the Fletchers were Shakespeare’s collaborators..


Rye street scene


global warming?

Rye – St Mary’s from churchyard


Rye – Ypres castle from top of St Mary’s church.

Today’s PerfectPint: BebopTop, a quality cask ale brewed in Kent with the finest hops.


Rye rooftops from top of St Mary’s, the local parish church.


changing trains on the return from Rye to Canterbury. this young woman ambushes me on the platform. she screams: “Dad! Dad! where have you been?” runs over and gives me a full body hug. I’m more than a bit shocked, but reply: “gee, we must have lived an alternate reality. btw, daughter what is your name?” she says “Zoe”. We part and I tell her that I would have preferred she made me her older brother, rather than her dad. Celia says: “you’re lucky she didn’t think you were her grandfather!”
and yeah, I still have my wallet.


Today’s PremierPub: Thomas Becket pub which is in Canterbury, of course.