Today we toured the grand St Paul’s Cathedral, then traveled across the Thames to the Millennium Dome, a very nice arena built inside a giant shopping mall. We were looking forward to USA v Australia in women’s Basketball SF. These teams had played for the gold medal in the last 3 Olympics.20120811-165607.jpg

London building like crazy – count 6 cranes in this pix.


London – lunchtime in “the City”, London’s financial district. the boys in suits have a pint before going back to work.


London – St. Paul’s from the canyons of their wall street.


London – St. Paul’s interior. not as big as St. Peter’s, but maybe just as impressive.


St.Paul’s under the dome – no photos allowed, so this was taken on the fly. Took the tour, Harry was very knowledgable, and very British.

St Paul’s cantilevered spiral stair that is said to be the grandest in England, may have been used in HP movies.


city skyline from the top of St. Paul’s. quite a climb.


who are the real Wenlock and Mandeville?


crowd enters No Greenwich arena, formerly the Millenium Dome, for Basketball SF (W)


imagine how bad their seats must be. reminds me of our seats in the superdome for Final4.


obligatory photo of tourist with local bobby (not so local, Daniel was from Yorkshire).


Women’s Basketball SF: USA v Australia. These two had played for the gold medal in the last 3 Olympics. The Aussies played tough defense in the first half.


We had a young Aussie fan Alex in front of us. I told her I would root for the Aussies in the first half because Americans always root for the underdog. When the Aussies powered ahead of us by 7 points with time left in the half, I told her: “No Deal!” I started to root for the USA, which obviously made a difference. Yanks won by 13.


Thames Barriers, not too many tourists down here. black security guy wanted to close up. I told him I came all the way from nyc to see these things. he said: “ok. obama is my cousin”. good man.


Today’s PremierPub – Coach & Horses, Stoke Newington. good beer, music, conversation with Sarah & Adam – a fine way to spend our last night in London.


Today’s PerfectPint – Czech Staropramen.