Today we travelled just down the road from the Cotswold’s to Oxford.

We checked into our room at the University (Keble College), where I could work on my thesis – “The differences between British and American IPA’s”. Then a visit to the Museum of History and Science, a pub or two (and this is a town with more than a couple of pubs), and we finished up with a concert of Tudor music at the chapel of Exeter College.


Oxford Keble College – view from our room.


Oxford – Bodleian library.


Oxford – street scene with Lincoln College library.


Oxford – would not be England without a bit of rain. the only day we had to pull out our brolly, and in this town when you need to get in out of the rain, you are never more than a few paces from a pub.


Today’s PerfectPint: Young’s Double Chocolate stout at the King’s Arms. a fine way to wait out the rain.


Oxford Museum of History and Science – working instruments of the Royal Microscopical Society.


Oxford – lots of high brow music available.


Chapel at Exeter College – attended an evening candlelight concert of Tudor music here. Decided on this instead of another pub. I’m so proud of us.

Celia says: “Look, we already had been at two pubs today, and had a fine Chilean cabernet with dinner. So please stop patting yourself on the back for a bit of culture.”


Chapel at Exeter College interior. as it grew more dark outside, the candlelight made it more magical inside.


Today’s PremierPub: Turf Tavern. First recommended to us by Droppin’ Dave, then by numerous others, including the very proper Englishwoman I shared a seat with on the train to Oxford. This place is famous for being Bill Clinton’s hangout when a Rhodes scholar (where he learned not to inhale). For me this place rocks because it is the pub that Inspector Morse would drop by for a pint after work.